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Amravati, March 24, (
Chief Minister Chandrababu also held teleconference with party MPs on the developments in Parliament. Andhra Pradesh is so small? Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu asked the center. Chandrababu was angry at the Center's attitude towards AP. We ask the Center, why do not they give us? On the one hand, Rs.1000 crore given to the northeastern states, though concerns are in our state,  questioning what it is. This week the Parliament will have 5 days holidays. Our struggle should further escalate. State interests must be protected.


People's rights are advocated. Whenever the House is not there, people should go there. Tell us about the unfairness of the country. What's the center we are asking. Why are they not giving? He said that people should be motivated to know how to get to other states. On the one hand, there are concerns in our state. On the other hand, the northeastern states got Rs 3,000 crore. What is this symbol? Andhra Pradesh is so small that the center is directly questioned. An industry in the state is the most beneficial to the center. GST is a huge source of income through IT. Even as heavy income, it is unfortunate that the Center has set the cold on the states. Development is ours. The question is straight forwardly questioning the revenue. Land, water, and electricity are the state government. But the center of the revenue is not the best, but the conditions are going to change. How much revenue comes to the center with Kia Motors? How much revenue comes to the center of Hero Motors? Why is it not the center of the states that will not be able to ... Asked why the center was not generous. With our difficulty, we have doubled in four consecutive years, with a growth of 10.5% annually. We are making progress in self-promotion. 58% of the people are satisfied with the election results. 63% satisfaction has occurred in this month. 73% were satisfied with the Center's concerns over unfairment. Soon 80% would be satisfied. The developing states should not be weakened. The Chief Minister said that he is making mischief against Sujana Chowdary in order to divert public attention from the successes around the PMO. The Center has never done justice. We have come here to disagree. We are fighting for the people. Is this all about you? Do you make us accusations? Chandrababu blamed Viacom. And what did Vijayasaye Reddy do in PMO? We do not know the politics of you like us.

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