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Hyderabad, March 28, (
Sri Reddy ... innocent girl. 'Sri Reddy is the innocent baby girl. Her fate in the industry is true. However, she said that they should be appropriate. That's really not intelligent. She has done so because she does not know it. Apoorva, who acted as mother to Naresh in 'Allari', was later cast as a character artist in several films. In some cinemas, Vampi plays the role. Comedy films are also good. She recently said in a YouTube channel interview that she responded to comments made by Sri Reddy "Sri Reddy should not have to pull the industry down the road. The elders are in the industry to solve her problem. Shivaji Raja, Hema, Bharadwaja, Ali .. To whom should anyone go and tell her the problem. 


We are with you Sri Reddy. The Telugu industry is behind you "he said. Apoorva said we did not come down to this level in the industry. "Initially we had problems too. You came out and did a good job. What do you want to say? Or leave. But do not drag too much of this dispute. Do not put yourself in a laughing way. There are good people in the industry. You can come, tell me your difficulty. '' Not just Sri Reddy. No one should leave the parents and come on the road. Those who come on the road will likely change the way. Industry problems will be solved if such issues are addressed. Producers also provide opportunities for Telugu films. The government should also take care of this issue, "he said. On this occasion she had a deep emotion and shed tears.

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