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Hyderabad, March 27, (
Payments did not stop. Chief Minister KCR said that the Telangana State is able to pay for the time being. Speaking at the debate on the money supply bill in the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday, KCR spoke. Earlier BJP MLA Kishan Reddy said that the financial year is ending. Asked if the payments were delayed. The Chief Minister said that Telangana is the state that the KCR will be paid in the country. There is no system in Telangana in BJP ruled states. There will be a delay in payments in certain state governments due to the central government. The Punjab state is unable to pay salaries. 


There is a delay in payments in some states by the central government. The circular has issued a statement saying that when it comes to money, the center will pay. Kishan Reddy should talk with understanding. We will have to do what the Government of India is doing in terms of money exchange. There is a lot of adjustments between the states for the center. If there is an accident, then we have to come from where to come. No government will be compensated. The Telangana chief minister said the state is able to make payments due time. Payments did not stop. I do not. Chief Minister KCR said that Telangana is one of the seven states in the country. There is nothing to give the Center to the states. Claiming that the share of the state from the Center was the right to be given.

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