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Mumbai, March 10, (
Indian team's fast bowler Mohammad Shami's career seems to be shaky. His wife Haseen Jahan, who has been sensational in the past three days, has recently filed a complaint with the Kolkata police. The police have registered cases of attempt to murder and domestic violence against the fast bowler. Mohammed Shami is likely to be jailed for at least ten years. The bangalore venue was held on January 27 and 28 at the APL bidder at the IPL 2018. The Delhi Daredevils franchise acquired 3 crore. The IPL season starts from April 7. Hussein has revealed that Mohammed Shami has been physically tortured and revealed to him that he has unrelated relationships with social media. The Indian Cricket Control Board (BCCI) has kept the fast bowler out of the annual contracts. 


The Delhi Daredevils franchise, which represents Shamil in the IPL in the wake of the latest cases, is also expected to be placed beside him. The bangalore venue will be held on January 27 and 28 at the IPL's 2018 bid. The Delhi Daredevils franchise acquired 3 crore. The Delhi franchise and BCCI think that if the IPL season starts from 7 April, if Shami is arrested in the middle of the season, it will be a bad name for the tournament. This is why the board is currently discussing the legal implications that come next to him.

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