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Siddipet,March 2,(
BJP activists were burnt in Nangunoor against his Chief Minister KCR made unreasonable comments on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.On the occasion, BJP Mandal Parala Tirupathi Rao said that after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power, the Narendra Modi Government has been implementing various welfare schemes for the country as a backbone of the country in the four years, as well as Rs 57600 crores for agriculture for the wellbeing of farmers and 70125 crores for fertilizer subsidy, Slideshow Sal insurance 13104 million, Students scholerships 15 crore, Water resourses 10746 crore, agricultural Electricity 3800 crores, rubber, such as coffee production 2 crore, food processing industry, 1200 million, all of which the budget allocation by the state funds allocated iviponu the budget for non-funding from the village infrastructure development The Narendra Modi government has spent Rs 14.34 lakh crore.Today, KCR does not forget about giving 24 hours to farmers.


If this does not, the state government's attitude towards the people of the state schemes, including the state schemes of the state schemes, will give the people the attitude of the state government, "said Rajinikar Reddy, general secretary of the BJYM district Raja Goud. District Executive Member Nampapalli Srinivas Chari. BJP Mandala's General Secretary Bosereddy Ravinder Reddy.BJP Mandal spokesman Venkatram Reddy, San Morcha Mandala Presidents Parakala Tirupathi Reddy, SC Morcha Mandala President Devalapalli Rajamouli, OBC Morcha Mandala President Bollu Sandeep and BJP Mandal Secretary G.Mehndar Reddy, and others.

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