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Hyderabad, March 9, (
The JNTU and Higher Education Council are strongly convinced of the emphasis on the embassy for admissions in Engineering, Agriculture and Forestry undergraduate courses in Telangana. This time, we are going to conduct all the tests online, including the Emset. This allows a quarter to be tested in different areas in a slot. The online entrance test will be conducted on May 2 and 3 at Agriculture Group Courses in the morning and evening. Engineering stream courses will be held on the evening of May 4, 5 and 7 at morning. A questionnaire will be issued to about 25,000 people who write one day morning in this order and another questionnaire. That means, for ten days, ten questionnaires will be created for five days for agricultural courses and engineering courses. 


That means 40 questions are made. The JNTU has already held a 19-year-old embassy and has not eradicated the questionnaire. On the other hand, the Emset leak is haunting students. Apart from this Telangana Public Service Commission fails to manage online and the Center for Good Governance failures have not been anxious over the merit list. Candidates are concerned that the issue of servers or examination jumbling can be difficult when writing the exam. The Board of Management says that four questions in Agriculture Street and six questionnaires in Engineering Stations will be routinely commissioned. The Emset Committee has stated that they will follow the procedure followed by institutions such as Gate, IIT, and BITS Pilani. However, students are saying that they will be damaged if they do not perform properly in the process of cramped normalization. Those who cannot answer the level of hardness due to normalization, as well as errors, cannot benefit from those who are not able to answer the questions, and the rest of the intellectual students say that the disadvantages of the questionnaire will become a Lakineni Prasad alleges that the national leader of the junior private college management, an educationist, said that online examination management and normality would be fraught with fire.

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