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Vizag, March 20, (
Hover Craft Runs after May. It's time for Over crafts to be ready to hit the shikers with the tourists at RK Beach. These hover crafts are now being operated for tourists in America, New Zealand, Australia, Russia and Europe. Hover Dock, a company in the country for the first time in Visakhapatnam, signed a tourism department. These hover crafts are capable of traveling on the floor and on the water easily. Arke Beach has been allowed to run hover crafts within a kilometer from the coast. Hover Dock has been prepared to run four speed boats (hovercraft). Of these, five crafted hover craft cost Rs.1.10 crores and seven member staminner worth Rs 1.70 crores. Besides, two more hover crafts were sold for Rs 6 crores in Russia. In the first week of last month, a trainer from Russia was brought to train tug operators who run these hover craft. 


He trained these operators at Reddikancheru Beach near Belagapuram, Vizianagaram district for a week. After that he went to repatriation on his personal jobs, and the training ended. There is another trainer from Russia again. It will take some more time. Therefore, training is not complete until he arrives. In summer, Visakhapatnam is home to a large number of tourists from North India. Hover crafts Company representatives have been planning to start these hover craft at RK Beach from the month before the summer. But the Russian trainer went down the bar to break the start of hover craft. Hoover chief R.Mahar ChaitanyaVarma told the witness that soon another trainer from Russia will come and he will continue training. According to current estimates, by the end of April, the hover craft will be available to the shore.

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