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Amravati, March 17, (
Delay in implementation of the Division Guarantees Act has boosted national politics. All of the TDP's introduction of antitrust resolution on the central government Bjp did not swallow the ally taking this decision. The TDP has been saying that it is the center for making such a decision. It is clear that all the provisions of the law are to be fulfilled. MP Sujana Chowdary also claims that AP is responsible for Parliament's current position. Members of the Parliament have been approved for the unlawful disintegration, so it is clear that the law should be implemented. Sujana once again referred to this issue in Rajya Sabha on Friday. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal tried to prevent him from adopting a division act. The Speaker also expressed some embarrassment. But why is the Railway minister blocking Congress MP Jairam Ramesh's claim that Sujana was once again supported by the fact


TDP is fighting in Parliament for the purposes of Andhra Pradesh. MP Sujana Chowdary said that since the House has approved the unsolved division, it should remain in the state. At the time of division, the Vice-president said in his speech. Even though the TDP MPs have fought so much, the national parties do not care for the state of affairs. The Congress government on Thursday has unevenly divulged the state, which means that the Congress has been overturned. At that time, Venkiah Naidu said that he was supportive. The NDA is no more than the Andhra Pradesh Govt. So, Sujana finished his speech and said that Jai Bharat, Jai Andhra Pradesh, SAVE  Andhra Pradesh.

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