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komaram bheem , March 31, (
Telangana Sarkar is a priority for public health. Providing funds to this extent is not improving facilities in government hospitals in some areas. There is no effective medical service for the poor and the poor. Apart from the lack of facilities, the staff problem in the Sarkari Dawakhana has become a major problem. A new building was constructed at a hospital in Asifabad, Komaram Bheem district at a cost of Rs 8 crores. Built in 6 months ago, the building has 50 beds. There are also residential complexes of Rs 80 lakhs. But the locals are disappointed that the aim was not fulfilled. It is said that these buildings are in the form of months, in which there is no single doctor. All the doctors are privately practiced and the victims do not have effective medical services. There are four medical posts vacant here despite good buildings.


Locals say that at least the drinking water in the hospital is not right if the staff are inadequate. The absence of drinking water has been reported by the patients. There are criticisms that the ambulance has become a fashionable one. The absence of ambulance management is due to the expense of fuel costs going to other areas. This leads to a lack of additional financial burden for the poor and the poor. The hospital's maternity care center (MHC), which has been sanctioned for three months earlier, has not taken any action. The scarcity of the serpentine spells in many places, not just in Kulam, is bad. The government and the medical department are focusing on the issue and strengthening public hospitals and allowing them to take effective medical care for all.

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