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Guntur,March 3,(
Prattipati Pulla Rao, an MLA on the construction of girls' lodging, was laid on 14 November 2003. The proposal did not materialize. The next MLA, Marri Rajasekhar, was appointed as the TDP Board in 2009 to build the TTD marriage hall at the site. But later the MLA, who was elected as MLA, did not ignore those proposals. Later, the bar association members were asked to make the place for the construction of the court but it did not materialize. Current market price is Rs. Over 25 lakhs. There is widespread criticism for the efforts to allocate 20 cents of land for a ticket office building for the TDP office building.


The officials are trying to sell the government space for the building of the TDP office building and now to lease. There are many government offices in Chilakaluripeta who are not interested in the construction of their own buildings but they are hired to hand over a valuable government space to the ruling party for their appreciation. Attempts have been made since the formation of the TDP government to secure the land of the Nagarjuna Sagar Canals company in Narasaraopet road in Chilakaluripeta town. State Minister Prathi pati  Pulla Rao laid the foundation stone for the construction of the building. The municipal council convened an emergency meeting on 31 August 2012 and approved the task of building at TDP office in 20 cents of land. 

Opposition YSR Congress party councilors opposed the matter too strongly. It was then decided to sell the place. In the backdrop, Then March passed the municipal council meeting on Wednesday to hand over the place to lease the lease payment order to build the TDP office. In contrast to this, YSRCC councilors handed a December note to the municipal chairperson. In the town of Chilakaluripeta, NRT road, NSD Canals divisional office and staff quarters are available. The survey of 123 cents in the land of Surveyor 123 C2 was resolved to settle on the lease basis for TDP office building construction. Whether to sell a place of a government department to another department or to sell to other companies, the government will have to issue a bias to be levied. In April 2016, only the proposals were mirrored by the abuse of power that the Minister laid the foundation. In 2016, the District Collector was also sent a memorandum to the NSC Canals staff who were aware of the proposals to land the TDP office.

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