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Warangal, March 29, (
Food security cards from one. The Urban Citizenship Department is willing to take care of the choice of food security cardholders from one. The food security cards will be given to the URC only after the proceeds of the beneficiary's assets are collected and the beneficiary's assets are collected due to the risk of looting subsidized goods. The applicant shall have 24 items to be included in the application along with the Aadhaar Card and the Electricity Bill to apply food security cards through your service. In addition to personal details, details of family members, anniversary, caste, religion, gas agency details, phone numbers and bank accounts should be added to the application. Vehicle details should also be given. A four-wheeled vehicle, however, should be submitted to the zeros. Rent a house, own house. If any of the family members make a job, they should give details. 


Whether or not the surrender of the government job comes after the food security card should be clarified. In other states, the food security card should be given details. It is necessary to give self-testimony as these are true. The signature of the witnesses, along with the signature of the family owner, must also be attached. However, family income of beneficiaries is Rs. Those who are not more than 2 lakhs are eligible for the card. The application is available from your service to the civil siege inspector. The concerned Circle Assistant Civil Cycle Officer will have to re-record the confirmation that the applicant's information is correct after confirmation. The ACCO will be certified and sent to the DSCO. After examining the District Counseling Officer, the beneficiary names will be directly examined by the Commissioner's Office. After being certified, the eligible is selected as beneficiaries. For each application, under the service charges, you will have to pay Rs. 35 per service. Asking more about this can be a complaint to civil faculties.

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