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Hyderabad, March 23, (
BJP MLA Kishan Reddy alleges that the TRS government is suppressing civil rights. Speaking to the media on Friday, he said, "Ambedkar has given the power to protest. KCR Ambedkar says that the Constitution of India is doing or whether Nizam is running an autocratic regime. The state government is concerned about farmers claiming that the farmers' consciousness has grown up after the state came up. The loan is not doing well .... If the loans are not borrowed, the assets will be confiscated. He said the situation was due to payments to pay for the banks. Chalo Assembly is illegal to arrest people in the state. People have an adequate mind on government fascist trends. The TRS government blamed the state  affairs.
BJP state president Laxman said that nobody at our office is doing well. The farmers have given a quarter to the farmers. The state is fit for a percentage. It did not pay. The Prime Minister criticized Fazal's insurance compensation as it did not pay the state government share. To strike peacefully, thousands of farmers have been accused of arresting activists across the state. Imprisonment is implemented in the state. He said this was not even in the Telangana region. The fight did not stop until the peasants did. The kingdom gave the right to protest. Do you run the realm?


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