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Rajahmundry, March 21 (
Pawan Kalyan on CM Former MP Undavalli Arun Kumar said that the comments made by Chandrababu are not correct. We also discussed polavaram in the Pavan Fact Finding Committee. On Wednesday, he spoke with media. No one understands what will happen in Polavaram. "He said there has not been a deal between Polavaram construction and payment between central and state governments. The question of why the state government was forced to accept funding for the R & R boutique package was questioned. Trying to endure the authorities by oral orders

Seven assemblies on the issue were asked why the chief minister was not present in Minutes. Inaccurate payments are going on. Complaints have been lodged in the tailgay and paid paddy for 1300 acres of land. There is information from the locals on irregularities in the name of compensation in division zones. We will soon reveal all the details. Chandrababu is responsible for coordinating political parties on unbelief. Central and state governments are not at all implacable. It is good if the cinemas come into the special movement. That's why Murali Mohan should take initiative. Chandra Babu with Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to reveal his hatred. It is not right to put people in confusion. "Chandrababu, who is lying on the floor, is questioning why he was taking charge of the center. The Center is questioning the state where it will fetch Rs 33,000 crore for rehabilitation. Polavaram central is playing  blame game between the states .

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