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Amravati,March 8,(
Partition Act Embedded Rights, The central government's commitment to fulfilling the assurances given by the prime minister, Finance Minister Yanamala Ramakrishna said that the central government's commitment to fulfilling the promises made by the prime minister of the country is already affecting high level of growth.On Thursday, the Minister yanamala introduced the Budget in the Assembly of Andhra Pradesh.Speaking on this occasion, he said that the state's income has declined due to the partition.His budget was introduced with a figure of Rs 91,673.61 crore.Welfare, Development, Education, and Medical Sectors have done big seat.The fiscal deficit is estimated at Rs 24,205.21 crore.Capital Expenditure is estimated at Rs 28,787.49 crore.Yanamala said that the budget was created on the basis of available resources as the Center did not cooperate as expected.


This is a big budget for welfare in this budget.He said that his budget has given priority to the welfare of all sections of society.He said 2022, 2029,2050 targets were committed by the state government despite the response from the Center.People in front...It is our main policy of the Yanamala Budget, Chandranna wedding receipts, 100 crore rupees for SCs and Rs 100 crore to the BC'S in the budget.We are promoting welfare in the budget allocation for 2018-19.It is noteworthy that the budget is being revenue savings for 2018-19 years.He said it was possible with the assumption that it would be possible to get all the arrears of the dividend from the central government to assess the possible revenue resources.Claiming to work to attract global investments.The funds from the Center are very painful.

Similarly, Yanamala said that proper budgeting for irrigation in the budget.Irrigation has been allocated Rs 16,978 crores.There is also a big seat for agriculture.He said Rs 12,355 crore was allocated for agriculture in the budget.The Finance Minister said that Rs 40 crore would be allocated for the creation of small-scale leather industry in the state.One thousand rupees were allocated for the welfare of Kapus.For the development of fishermen - Rs. 77 crores, to the judiciary - Rs. 886 crores and education department - Rs. 24,185 crores, for technical education - Rs. An amount of Rs 818 crore has been allocated.

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