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New Delhi, Feb 28 (
US President Donald Trump, who is often in news with controversial comments and strange achievements, did not even leave Indian Prime Minister Modi. Responding to the case of Harley Davidson bikes produced in America. This time, another point of view is with comments made by Modi. Trump said that India has recently announced that it has reduced its import tariff on expensive bicycle trucks, and that the United States does not have any profit in that action. 


Trump commented on Modi during the White House meeting with the governors of the United States. "Recently, the Prime Minister of India does the telephoned call and told me very beautiful that the import duty of 75 percent on bikes made from abroad was reduced to 50 percent. India is thinking that something good has done to the US with a reduction in import tariff, but there is nothing like that. "Trump said that Bharat would earn 50 percent of the import tariff. The two-wheeler vehicles manufactured in India are not beneficial to them. This is the second time within a fortnight of the trump has told in the case of Harley Davidson bikes. On February 14, he warned that import tariff on Indian motorcycles would be increased if necessary.

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