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Hyderabad,February 6,(
TSPSC has been facing several charges for some time and has now increased the speed. A pipe notification.... On the other hand, the results are announced and the hopes for the unemployed will increase. But most of the government's regulations on post posts are optimistic for optimists. The new conditions have become a headache for unemployed and TSSPSC. What are the conditions that are the problems of unemployment? ... In every notification, there is a new clause that says unemployed. The path of the world is that it is the way I have a way to say that the government is saying that the method is lying on the lips. 


Tea release released a year ago for entrepreneurs waiting for the DSC. But firstly ... TT Rayalita means 55 percent of the Degree is a result of the death of a Nerithiyogi burned his BED Certificate. With the passing pass percentage of TSSPs around the government ... the government officials are going to have to circulate the situation .. This is the case in the case of the pharmacy.. in the PSP of the Grade 2 Pharmacist Elizabeth is ... now unemployed are disappointed with being unable to ... Yoga also reduces the number of eljibuliti .. college degree, was released recently qualified for the position, only four of the 30 posts. 26 posts are empty and the situation can be understood. There is a shortage of candidates in each post as the TSPSC notification is 1: 15. In the post offices of 64 posts in English posts, only 1: 2 is required to select only 1: 2 of the candidates who do not understand the security of the government. There are no such agreements Unda that the unemployed are to be ...

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