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Hyderabad, February 3, (
He loves deeply. He wanted to get married. He was killed by a bullock with suspicion of suspicion on his girlfriend. The unexpected lady was eventually transformed into exhaustion. Anusha, a young woman in Hayat Nagar last month, was behind the murder case. Police arrested the murders and arrested Motilal, who is going to marry. Elbe Nagar Zone DCP Venkateswara Rao told the media on Saturday.

                                                                          KILLED LOVED...

Nenavath Anusha from Devarakonda district of Nalgonda district got introduced to a man named Motilal in 2008. The introduction has become a little love. In 2013, both men were engaged in the engagement. Anusa Beetak completes his education and takes up training for the police job. The accused said that he spent up to six thousand rupees in Motilal for inspection studies. The suspect suspects that he will be in touch with other people in time for police training. In this setting, the infamous phone broke. After that, the girl did not change the behavior and the day she was in the area where the girl was staying. 

The police said the girl was harassing her with suspicion and the girl was pregnant with both of them being close together. Motilal told Anusha Parents that this pregnancy did not come from her. The suspicion has become great. At the end of the drunken stroke, Anudhay killed the boulder with the boulder. Anusha's family members were angry at the DCP's office that there were four persons in the murder and only one was arrested without police arrest.

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