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Hyderabad, February 2, (
Shriya Bhupal's wedding news is reappearing. A news viral is being made on social media that Just Shriya's entry into the Akkineni family is just a kiss.

                                       INTO CHIRANJEEVIS FAMILY...SHRIYA BHUPAL...

A photo related to this is also circulating. Soon, Bhopal is going to marry ... It is also reported that Ram Charan's wife, Kesin Anirudh, But there is no official information on this issue yet. The GKK's family did not react too well. Akkineni's successor had been engaged to Akhil. 

At the last minute, the wedding was canceled. While the two families did not respond much, this was a big hot topic. After a long time, the name of Shriya has come up again. And see how the GVK family responds to this news.

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