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Hyderabad,February 27,(
The budget of the 2018-19 budget meeting at GHMC headquarters was held on Monday by the Budget Council meeting chaired by Mayor Bondu Rammohan. GHMC's General Meeting Approves Approval of 2018-19 Budget Estimates The GHMC General Meeting concluded the Budget Estimates. The meeting was attended by Commissioner Janardhan Reddy, Corporates, MLC Prabhakar and MLA Jaffer Hussain.The GHMC 2018-19 annual budget year budget is Rs. The GHMC General Meeting concluded by approving the expectations made to the tune of Rs 13,150 crore.


This amount is Rs. 3,325 crore (29 percent) of revenue, while the Capital Reserve GHMC's Budget 2751.86 crore (20.93 percent), from Capital Corp. 7073.14 crores (53.79 percent). The original budget amount is Rs. The total revenue expenditure was Rs 2,675 crore (20.34 percent), capital expenditure of Rs 13,150 crore from the GHMC Budget. Capital expenditure is Rs. 3401.86 crores (25.87 percent) and three corporations. 7077.14 crores (53.79 percent). The GHMC is the largest grant to the Corporation, Hyderabad Road Development Corporation, and Housing Corporations. 7073.14 cores are available. Of these, double bedroom houses to Housing Corporation Rs. Rs 6317.64 crore, Hyderabad Road Development Corporation Rs. 377.75 crore, Rs. 377.75 crores have been allocated. If the returns are in revenue, Rs. 1725.20 crores (51.89 percent) will be taxed at Rs. The fees and user charges will be charged by 1033.17 crores (31.07 percent). The highest administrative expenditure on revenue expenditure is Rs. 1488.79 crores (55.66 percent) and operation of Rs. 1043.90 crores (39.02 percent).

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