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Nalgonda,February 6,(
In the beginning of Yasangi, the farmers have begun to face difficulties. With motor service connections beyond the capacitance, the losers are loaded with loads. The load on the transformers is greatly eroded. Farmers are making their own money and repairing transmits.


100 keev transformer was created in the palatial tunnel of Ajmapuram village in the Mandal. Its capacity is to allow 5 HP motors to operate up to 10-12 hours. Apart from farmers who are regularly electric power bills, yearly, some farmers are running motors with illegal connections. The farmers have expressed their disagreement that motor motors are damaged and repaired by the voltage.

Farmers are repaired with transformers at their own expense. Every day, there is a loss of Rs 4,000. If the electric transformer repairs, the authorities are not responding. The farmers want to react to the authorities by setting up additional transformers and resolving the problem of the LowTelge. If the Transformer is damaged, the farmers spend about Rs.3-4,000 each time repairs. Illegal problem solves the problem of removal of illegal services.

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