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Hyderabad,February 21,(
We believe elections in Telangana this December. TPCC Chief Uttam Kumar Reddy said he believes that the elections will also be in Telangana. This nasty rule will end in the state until December next year. He said that the high command was ordered to put in place the fate of the MIM in the next election. There are some changes in the DCC. The High Court has directed that the candidates who are not contesting elections should be selected as DCCs. Rahul said that he would speak to himself if necessary.


The Supreme Court has ruled that such a decision was taken for party organ NISCE. The National Party has advised youngsters to take the AICC member. Incharge Kuntia Hyderabad is coming to Hyderabad for selection of AICC membership. We will discuss local issues on this trip. There will be huge inclusions into the party in the future. He said that there would be a public consciousness on the four-year-old state government failure. When the government budgets are announced, we will stop the bus journey two days earlier. He said that the bus travel to take all the viewers to the final. We have a bus stop with a sentiment. We plan on the way to the vicar march. On June 1 or 2, Gandhi said he would hold a massive public meeting with Gandhi. Working Presidents may have three of the future. Telangana bill passed in Rajya Sabha and completed four years today. He said the TRS government cannot ask the government to implement the division of the bill.

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