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Hyderabad,February 8,(
The interstate bridge connecting Telangana Maharashtra has reached the ruins. The government of Maharashtra immediately responds to a deteriorating situation and repairs for a month. The government has taken steps to shut this bridge for two months. As part of it, bridge repair works have been done with highly skilled technicians. Specialists are already repaired with the help of machines. Now they are getting ready to do new jobs by removing the springs in the bridge. Experts said that the bridge with the help of hydraulic jacks to sprinkle the new springs is up to four inches long. Experts said that this bridge, which is about a kilometer long, was jointly launched by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao and Maharashtra Chief Minister Shankar Rao Chauhan in 1983.


The bridge over the Saluru Manjira River, the last border village of Telangana, can be accessed from Nanded, Narsi, Bombay, Bhikhi, and Shirdi. The bridge was built on the Manjira River at Saloora village, especially on the Madanur Mandalam route and the Nizamabad District Salaraja Manjira River through the bridge over the Adilabad district Penanganga to reach the Maharashtra area. Traveling on the bridge experiences swimmers. Locals said that the bridge was built with modern technology at that time and still flooded the bridge. The villagers say that this bridge has now been split after the overloaded sand trucks are turning into Edappeda. The Interstate Inspection Center will begin when this entry crosses the bridge. The government has set up this check post to prevent the prohibited items from entering the state. The bridge is being closed and the cement is being built on the old bridge which is currently being built in the Nizam era, with no intention of causing traffic. Subsequently, the vehicle will continue to flow from the old bridge.

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