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Amaravathi,February 24,(
February 28 to March 19
10.26 lakh students are test writers
Grade policy from this year
New App for Testing Center
If you copy the dBbar up to 8 tests
Toll-free number to notify issues: 18002749868
Activities to stop the hall ticket in the name of Fee: Warning to Private Colleges.

Inter-board Commissioner B. Udayalakshmi said that this year, intermediate examinations were made to be handled. She spoke to the media on Friday afternoon in the Secretariat 4th Block Publicity Cell. The exams will be from 28th of March to March 19th. A total of 10,26,891 students will appear for the first year and second year. The exams will be from 9 am to 12 pm. They are going on the first day of the day and the next day they will be the second year. 


The students were advised to reach the test center at 8.30 am. The hall tickets were downloaded from 23.2.2018. The downloaded hall ticket should be verified by the relevant college principal and taken to the examination center. Warned that private college colleges will not take up the student's hall tickets for the payment of fees. She said the hall tickets should be confirmed for all eligible students. Apart from students studying college, another college was set as a testing center in the jumbling system, and they said the intermediate public examination center locator was designed to create a new app for the exam centers. If Android users have downloaded the app from the Google Play Store, it will ask for the code number and the students will show the test center if the hall ticket number is entered. Those who do not have an Android cell phone are advised to look at the test center a day earlier. Without giving any time to get to the center of the test day, the parents are also required to provide adequate care for their parents. A total of 1423 centers will be tested. Of these, 116 centers were identified as problematic. 

He said that he had taken a step without copying. If you are copied and copied, the student will be given up to 8 exams. Without being able to copy the students, they said that they are taking care rather than the Debar. At all testing centers, the chairs have been set up in every room to provide the possibility of setting up the cameras and instructing the authorities to set up in each room. He also said that the theory tests were also arranged to be handled. Each of the ten test centers has set a Finding Squad as a citing squad for each center in problematic centers. In any of the test centers, a single student is also sitting under the test and ordered that all the chairs or benches should not be constructed or rented if not ordered. He said that every day, the lottery procedure would be selected by invisers. Phone number 0866-2974130, fax number 0866-2970056, toll-free number 18002749868 in Vijayawada Inter board has been informed about the problems of exams. District Coordination Committees have been constituted by the District Collectors for their effective implementation of the test. A nurse was set up with the first aid box in each center as a precautionary measure in keeping with the health of students coming in the sun. Also, RTC buses were arranged to reach the center a month before the test for students coming from distant places. In view of the security of the security, each center is closing into the photostat centers near the place of copying and a section of 144 sections and a police station. 

The District Collector, Police, Medical Health Department, Panchayati Raj, Municipal, Urban Development Department and RTC officials have been asked to cooperate with this. Four thousand officials are working on the inter-board and they have been asked to take appropriate precautions through video conferencing. Some people are likely to create rumors that the paper is leaked, not to believe them. If it is really leaked, the investigation will be done and the truths will be taken to take appropriate action. Students have been banned from taking the cell phone into the testing center. Students must read the rules of the questionnaire and start writing the test. This year's rankings are not given and she said Grade is being introduced. Papers say that only 30 papers per day for educating teachers, they are taking care not to go out and take care of them often. He said that the creation of Sanskrit papers has been set up to send private college faculty. The professor who came to the spot purportedly to pay the cashless payments based on their biometric attendance is the TA and DAA in their bank account, Udayalakshmi said.

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