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Warangal, Jan 30, (
The students are being subjected to neglect by the authorities and staff in implementing the government's mid day meal scheme. The state government's commitment to the hostels and mid-day meal scheme is disadvantaged.
                                                        WORSE AFTERNOON MEAL 

The rice worms used for the midday meal scheme at Bardiipur School in Takemel Mandal. The same situation for four months. They do not respond to the liability of changing rice. Natinoru cooking cooks did not yield. That is why the pupils need to eat the eggs. There are no 60 students in Bardipur Primary School. 8 bags of rice came in September last year for lunch. Bastan was packed with rice and filled with worms. 

The color of rice has changed. The organizers of cooking this stuff told the principal. She suggested that they should be cleaned and cooked, and the cuisine used them. The drops are coming, but the students have eaten the same meal. So, there went the rice rice. When asked about the cooking cooker, he said, "I do not know if the worms are true, and the principal does not listen to it," he said.

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