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Hyderabad, Jan 18 (
Telangana is the number one state in the country, said Chief Minister Kolvakuntla Chandrasekhara Rao. He participated in the India Today South Conclave held at the Park Hayat Hotel in Hyderabad on Thursday. Anyone who knows Telangana history will accept Hyderabad as an integral part of Telangana. KCR said that he would welcome the second capital of the country to Hyderabad, which is home to the country's cultural traditions.

                                  TELANGANA NUMBER ONE IN THE COUNTRY: CM KCR

He said that the Telangana state has been recovered from the blood of the victim. After achieving the state, it was a part of the development of the state while giving priority to rebuilding the state. In the case of culture and traditions, it is not like Telangana with AP. KCR said that the merger of Andhra and Telangana with the name of the linguistic states was historic error. It is not like Telangana with the state of Andhra Pradesh. Telangana Surplus State said. The Telangana state has been financially prosperous during the Nizam regime. Soon, Telangana will be one of the richest states in the country.

 KCR emphasized that the state interests are important to him. KCR has said that the Telangana state has been fighting against the state and the state that is in the development of racket speed. In the six months of the state's emergence, the power crisis has surpassed. Now we have reached the level of continuous electricity. No matter how many difficulties ... KCR has said that Telangana is ahead of all states in the country in terms of economic growth. There are 17 smaller states than Telangana. Rural economy is resurrected. We have distributed 38 lakh sheep and are going towards the target. An Assistant pension of Rs 100 is Rs. Up to 1000. Telangana is also ideally in agriculture. Telangana is the only state in the country that is believed to have won the state.

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