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Nellore, January 12, (
If ISRO sends his surprise satellite into a blueprint, Pakistan has only once again pulled out his curiosity.

The Foreign Secretary said that there will be a negative impact on the sustainability of the region due to similar satellites for launching civilian and military use. Pak began to cry before he started satellite launch. The launch of Cartosat satellite by PSLV Sea-40 is known. In addition, another 30 satellite was introduced into two orbits. But India's announcement that it will be used for military use is shaking up in the back of the war. 

It's anxiety about where it affects them. That's why the Foreign Ministry spokesman spoke to the media before the launch of Satellite Launch. All countries have the right to use space technology. But it is not right to use these for military purposes. The delegation said that destabilizing military capabilities of other countries would have adverse effect on stability. However, the Natizans were deeply influenced by the Pakistani way of thinking that they could not develop their research center. In 1961, Pakistan launched its Space Center 8 years earlier than India's ISRO. Yet nothing has been achieved yet. On the other hand, ISRO has reached the level of competition with NASA.

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