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Hindi rights under copyright

Hyderabad, Jan 9, ( legal and copyright controversy about the film is going on. It can go anyway. In the case of heavy films, it is difficult to predict how much of such controversy will result. That's why so much money .. Okay .. come out of the controversy, ankitavasi producers tried to say in the industry. The controversy surrounding the Tea series has been acknowledged by the producer Radhakrishna as anonymous to pay for the amount of money paid by the sale of Hindi dubbing rights and the sale of Hindi satellite channels. The two are expected to be around Rs 20 crores. S Radhakrishna is the hero of Pawan Kalyan's directorial venture with Drivikram Srinivas. The publication of a copy of the 2008 French copy of Largo Winch is entrusted to the industry. Bollywood has also bought the French film rights of the famous production company Tecris, which is remake of the film. But they did not know that. When the movie was released, it was dubbed in Bollywood and sold rights to satellite releases there.The producers have consulted with them for their notices from the Tea series. After the uninterrupted debates, anonymous actress Bollywood dubbing, the satellite rights sold to Hindi channels were paid to the entire teasers. Copying foreign images is the way our film directors feel under their birthright. Not even ten years ago, even a copy of the film is also a copy of the film .. The controversy is a great penalty that has created a situation.

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