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Hyderabad, Jan 30, (
Two electronic toilets were installed at Charminar for the first time for women in Hyderabad city. The Charminar MLA together with Ahmed Pasha Khadri started the Maya Ram Roma. The State Bank of Hyderabad has sanctioned these two toilets for funding under the CSR to remove aggression in Charminar neighborhoods ... Mayor will be able to provide an accommodation without any difficulty for the tourists ... to have a thousand toilets for the population of the city ... Nowadays we have made 900 toilets available to the city. 
                                                     GROWING SWINE FLU VICTIMS
ifferent companies and civil rights organizations Reddy said svamyanniahvanistunnama jihecensi dabijanarthan misanar county. State Bank of Hyderabad, Hudco, TS Cobb, IOC, Kims and other companies are already in the process of forming electronic toilets, "said Binsy, director of Erum Scientific Institute, There is a lot of similar needs in the city. It has already been available in many cities. Local corporator Gafoor said, "We want to build a modern toilet for foreign tourists in Charminar region for 12 years.

 Nominal fees for these toilets will also be charged. GHMCC has decided to get 1000 toilets available. GHMC Public Toilets in various areas, Sallai, Karmacharya Sangathan, Valmiki, etc., are fully repaired and repairs the facilities and at least facilities in them. In addition, they are carrying out programs such as painting and creeping. Similarly, a hundred pre-reproducible toilets were made available. Moreover, 375 toilets in petrol pumps have been utilized by the people of Gandhigiri without cost. In the voluntary survey conducted on 2,3,4 of the next month, the Hyderabad city has been shown to be the top of the country in 1969 to display the banners of the celebrity to call the toll free number.

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