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What did they do together with Chittoor district?

Vijayawada, December 11 ( criticized the MLA Amar Nath Reddy, the MLA who went to TDP from the YCP. 'Love with Jagan, YS Rajasekhara Reddy all the people won Amar Nath Reddy. For the sake of his benefit, you have to screw up those beliefs and go to TDP without being shy for the sake of his own, for his sake. Whenever he watches the whiskey in the TV, it turns out that he is not worthy of the Palmani or Chittoor district. This is the reason for this coward. That beard does not do his pile, these whiskeys do nothing to his master. Both do not do anything to Chittoor district. It is wrong to say that the man from Chittoor became the chief minister, not one project or industry for the development of this area. One only understands that the only Amar Nath Reddy minister on paper. Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh have been given a rubber stamp, but he did not give him a chance to make a decision. Because the fact that the closed sugar factories in Chittoor district can not be opened, there is no power in the hands of Amar Nath Reddy. Amar Nath Reddy, 1st rank in the Is doing business, has fallen to 14th position as Minister of Industries, "Rao said.

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