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we are Welcome 2g scam : MLC Shabir Ali

Hyderabad, December 21, ( the 2G case, the court is hearing the verdict .. Congress MLC Shabeer Ali said. On Thursday he spoke to the media. A couple of years ago, the 2G scam was allegedly filed against the UPA. In particular, the BJP and Orissa accused the loss of Rs. 75,000 crores in 2G scam. The CBI has ordered CBI probe into it. Raja and Kanimouli, who are facing allegations, have been asked by the CBI court today. Asked whether the BJP was to investigate with the CBI on the allegations in the Sarkar case. Amit Shah's son Ajay Shah, Rappel, Vijay Mallya, Adani and Mukesh Ambani are not going to be asked about the CBI inquiry. CBI has directed the inquiry ... not to prove that your rule is transparent. Modi was the Prime Minister and did not follow the election code. In the Gujarat polls, Modi has provoked the paddy with the sentiments, Shabir Ali said.

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