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The neglect of the officers ... the curse for the people...

Kurnool, December 5, ( schemes that are useful to the public are ignored by some branches of the authorities. The government has done nothing to supervise the work done by the government for the benefit of the people. The task of giving water to the Pondikonda pond from the NHS canal is seen as the neglect of the authorities. The scheme has been rolled out by the Deputy Chief Minister KE Krishnamurthi Ilaka Pathikonda to provide water to the pond through pipes at Rs 50 lakhs. HNSSS near the bypass road in Pathikonda district of Kurnool district. There is a canal. In April 2015, Navasindha Deputy Chief Minister Krishnamurthy launched the scheme with 50 lakhs through the Rural Water Supply Department to supply water from the canal to the Pathikonda tank. This scheme has been working for a few months. After that the pipes burst ... water was wasted. Officers have been dismissed for two years since they have not been repaired. Ananthapur district has to flow through Pathikonda through the Srisailam Backwater HNSS Canal from the last twenty days along with the water coming to the end of the year. This scheme is supposed to provide water to the pond with the existing water in the Pathikonda pond. Wiping pipes from year to year Lost any officer to fill the pond with water purtistayilo leduceruvuku the mind of the 60 acres of arable land to get to the bottom, but officials with negligence leading to it. The farmers are angry with the dignified officials.
The pipeline has taken the attention of the officials to the point where the engineering officers are running the problem of panchayat officials. Even panchayat officials are keen on them. This is the way one is wearing one another and misleading the problem.
Farmers now want the authorities to repair the pipes that have been buried and the water is supplied to the tank by the Harindini Canal.

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