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Sleeping from the side of the morning rising up is a lot of benefits ...

( architecture is unique. Architecture experts believe that there are some suggestions and guidelines that are likely to lead to developmental paths in life. Let's look at some of these suggestions. It is good to walk a little upward towards the east when you start sleeping every morning early in the morning. This is done by the tasks that are done. Get good profits.

Similarly, the puja room at home can be placed on the wall of the eastern side. The construction of God's halls in the northeastern corner should not be taken. This leads to the northeastern corner. It's not good at home.

Similarly, when cleaning the house, starting from the northeast and harvesting the garbage to the ninety. Do not bring trash to the northeast in any situation. In our mythology, a breeze is considered as a weapon by Shaneeswar. Hence it is good to put a broom handle on top of the wall after scraping the house. If there is a south east corner cooking, the home housewife should be cooking and cooking

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