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sister in law role Bhumika Chawla

Hyderabad, December 29, ('Simhadri' for NTR, 'Khushi' to Pavan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu 'okkadu' is the heroine of the blockbuster hit films and then the actress has played the role of a crazy heroine. After that, he has shown his talent with films like Missamma and Jai Chiranjeevi. Although later in many films in Bollywood, the speed did not last long. After a series of defeats, Bhimika Chawla has given a long gap to the career. This senior actress has seen Shabhas with audiences in the movie 'MCA'. The senior beauty actress is in the queue when the honest actress is the last government employee and the character marks the artist as well. Akkineni plays the role of Nagachaitanya. Chandu Mondeti is directing the film 'Silasasachi' in the movie and the role of the key role will be rolled. Smiley Star Madhavan is playing another key role in this movie. Already the Madhavan shooting is complete and the film is going to be completed by March next year and the 'Silasachchi' is being planned to bring the audience to the audience. Actor Bollywood Beauty Agarwal is playing the opposite in the movie 'Silasachchi', which is being produced by Maitrey Movie Makers.

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