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K.E Prabhakar unanimously elected as Kurnool M.L.C

Kurnool December 29 ( Prabhakar was unanimously elected as the Kurnool M.L.C.  Byreddy Rajasekhara Reddy, principal follower Jayaprakash Reddy, all his resignations were withdrawn from Friday morning. This is the way to unanimity of Kei. The other candidates, including Jayaprakash, have provided documents to the election official as they are withdrawing their nominations. In this evening, Kee Prabhakar will be announced unanimously by the authorities. Byreddy, who thought he would join the Telugu Desam Party, discussed the possibility of becoming unanimous in the aftermath of discussions with Chandrababu. He was unanimously elected as the TDP candidate KE Prabhakar. KE fans and TDP activists are celebrating. The Ketu family in Kurnool politics has taken a stamp on their own. KE Prabhakar was a member of the JPP in 1994 and was a political candidate from Krishnagiri contesting as an independent candidate. In the same year, Done was elected as the MLA to contest on the by-election. In 1999, she won the MLA from Dawn. In 2004, Congress candidate lost by 1800 votes to Sujatamma. In 2009, she was elected as MLA from Tutappa from Patthionda. When the party decided to give valims to KEK caste equations sought by the MP seat in 2014, The KP Prabhakar, who was asked by the MLA in the Governor's quota, was given the post of state Iddis chairman in July this year. Shilpa Chakrapani Reddy's resignation with the exceptionally changed political equations was the resignation of the MLC and the MLC had a chance to come to KE. From 1995, Prabhakar served as Minister for Education, Forest and Minor Irrigation for nine consecutive years.

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