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Harish Rao Cell Phone Usage ...

Telangana State Minister Hareesh Rao, who spoke only on politics, said that he was involved in a program .. Cell problems .. Loss how much. His cell phone in Siddipet had been unanimous about the difficulties of using the same thing. His call on cell phone attracted the attention of those people. He described the cell phone as being the most widely used cell phone. He said that he was a man who was in front of the mouth and the end of the mouth was the end of the mess. In such cases, if someone complains about the comedy, it is a sign of comedy. Mentally stressed. Hariish Cell's hardship is not untold. Anything that is useful for the lives of these people is better than just talking about politics politics. Along with these words, it is good to suggest that you have to spend a couple of days a week to talk to a cell phone. There is no reason to ask the cell phone to stop all over the day. That's why .. In the appointed days five phone calls or ten phone calls to say that it would be good to say that it would be better if you would have to wait for a quarter of all hours.

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