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Get rid of the mummies culture: Minister Jagdish...

Bhuvanagiri Yadari, December 11 ( culture of language is unrelated. Minister Jagdish Reddy said he can not see separately with each other. He was present at the World Telugu Mahasabha on Monday at the district headquarters. The minister said that our culture was to save our language. The lack of language for the United States is lacking in culture. Many languages have been born in the course of time. They did not disappear. Wearing that languages have been invading one another because of the different species. If the language survives, the language has changed in the sense that the culture of the language will be reversed, "he said.
Some species in the world are standing on the basics of language culture. Those who unite Telugu states with the name of the language do not work for the pronunciation of Telangana in time. He said the concept of our slogan is not to be done in the Secretariat in the joint state. The language is derived as a necessity. The language is not a good tool. Do not be frustrated by language. There is no need to be addicted to another language. Absolute language. The minister called for not to abandon the culture of mummies.

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