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Food lifetime

Food is needed for everyone ... otherwise it's hard to live. All are alive until the same age ... Some of the young ones suffer from illness and swallow their medicines. After completing the work they are living a life without the slightest enthusiasm. The reason for such a difference is the food they take. Food provides nutrients. The power of these nutritional supplements prevents many diseases. We do not have enough priority to sustain the food that is not safe. Children are more likely to be attracted to "junk food" than color and taste, rather than nutritional content. A culture that we ate for a seasonal food. Our elders appointed festive grants to ensure that the ingredients were taken at the minimum dose that the food should be taken in the season.

Indian people are suffering from a poorly-designed lifestyle. If you bring back your lifestyle, diet and food items, you will not be able to improve your lifetime.

1. Cells that make up our body are damaged by chemicals. Wrinkles on the skin and losing the skin of the skin are the changes that the chemicals produce. Therefore, the anti-oxidants that contain such chemicals should be given to the body. The AntiOxxids are the foods that are high.
Bass, lemon, marshmallow, carrots, greens, tomatoes, chili peppers, etc. should be made every day in the food.

2. Salads, which are good for raw pineapples, fruits, mums, tomato pieces, and carrot slices. The fiber content is so high that rejection becomes more efficient. There are vitamins and minerals.

3. Keep the hips in the house and eat fruits for energy between meals and desserts. Each season comes with a different type of fruit. They are good to eat.

4. The strength of the bones and the teeth will be unattractive and healthy ... the strength of milk and milk products should be taken every day.

5. Alfaram does not have to be special about the body. If you eat at 9 o'clock at 9 o'clock in the morning until 7 o'clock in the body without food. It is good to have breakfast in the middle of such a body, it is best to eat tiffins with wheat, millet, and greens.

6. Most nutritional supplements and fibers are high when taking food. Fiber content reduces the calcium in the blood, decreases the level of sugar, prevents the cancers from getting involved with pegas.

7. Do not eat too much of the food to eat ... to end a meal. Duration and duration must be between 3-4 hours. Good for health.

8. Even though fatty foods should be taken as food. Fat body is a must, but the body most likely to have fat leads to many diseases. That's why you need to eat less fat. Sweets, butter, cheese and animal meats should not be eaten. Fish and quail meat can be eaten.

9. Fruits are good for health. Everyday fruits change the fruits of different varieties.

10. Choose to eat fresh vegetables. Vegetables should be used in low-lying ingredients.

11. Drink water too much. Thirsty water is not drinking. Drink water in the middle of the middle. If the stomach is empty, it is better to drink more water. The food is pre-cooked by drinking water. Good food is good for health. Drink water after meals ... Water helps digestion.
12. Do not sleep immediately after eating a meal ... walk for ten minutes. The TV should not be eaten because we do not know much honey. If the food is pre-eaten before feeding on the TV.

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