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16th Rahul Pattabhishekam

New Delhi, December 11, ( President Rahul Gandhi has been awarded with honor. His mother and AICC chief Sonia Gandhi will officially take part in the party on April 16. The Congress Election Commission chairman M.Ramachandran said that Rahul will be appointed as the President of AICC at 11 am on December 16. Party celebs from all states, including Sonia Gandhi, will attend the event. All 89 nominations, as part of the election process, have come in favor of Rahul. The deadline for withdrawal of nominations ends on 10th. With Rahul nomination only, he has been officially declared president. Rahul is expected to take over as party president two days ahead of the results of Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh polls. Rahul's leadership is expected to have new residences in the election. If the Congress is at the helm of the Congress party for half a century after independence, Once in the center, the Congress, which has been unconstitutional in the states, is now only five states, one central government in Puducherry. Rahul is taking charge of the party during the difficulty of the party's dominance. Rahul is the frontrunner of the Congress and the Congress is in the forefront of Rahul Gandhi's successor, the Congress Party president Sushmita Sen said, "Modi is the successor of Rahul Gandhi after Gandhi, Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi.
Modi ignored the development agenda.

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