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seen reverse ... Dawood Ibrahim is crying...

Thane November 27 ( cricketer's son is a cricketer. Parents also seek the same. An underworld don also wants his son to get another dawn. But it has been revived in the case of Dawood Ibrahim. Danny's son became a Muslim religious now. It looks like it is crying and crying. Police say that Dawood has not been swallowed up by the single-minded son to become a religious grower without looking at his billion-dollar empire. Moin Nawaz is 31-year-old Dawood's son. His father is strongly opposed to illegal business and he is in complete contradiction, "said Thane's anti-proliferation cell head Pradeep Sharma. As part of Dawood's younger brother Iqbal Ibrahim's trial, he said that Dawood's family is in danger. Iqbal revealed that Dawood was always in the habit of seeing his underworld worldwide. In addition, his elder brother Anis Ibrahim is also unable to care for business when he is old. This is the same as other mothers. For the last few years, Dawood's son has left the family and thousands of businesses. Iqbal learned that he learned of 6236 verses in the Holy Quran and Moin was now maulana. The mosque lives in a mosque in the mosque next to the luxury house worth hundreds of crores in Karachi. It is noteworthy that he was accompanied by his wife and three children. The Qur'an for young children, he will do the tasks to explain the greatness of Islam to them. Previously Moin was a Business Management Graduate. Father helps the business. But slowly he became like Maulana. In 2011, he married Sania Shake, a daughter of a businessman from Karachi. Moin's sister Mahruk was married to former Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad's son Junaid in 2006. His brother Iqbal Kaskar told the court that Dawood was in Karachi and that Pakistani agencies cooperated with him. The police are trying to get more details about the Dawood family in this trial.

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