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Metro Rail Fare hike.

new delhi November 26 ( delhi,The state Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has responded strongly to the decision taken by Railway firms. If the fares are not increased, the reception of Metro will be vacant. People also expressed concern that the target would be damaged if the Metro was not interested in raising the train. In October last year, the number of passengers fell by more than three lakhs, due to the decision to increase the metro fares between 20 and 50 percent last October. This issue was disclosed by co-law. In September, only 27.2 lakh people traveled to Metro, only 24.2 lakh people were traveling in October. Ticket price was increased to Rs 10 per ticket. It is noteworthy that in less than five months, Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia criticized metro rail fares to increase tax fare by companies. At the start of the Metro Rail in 2002, the minimum price was Rs. 4, while the maximum ticket price was Rs.9.

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