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International Conference takes place in Hyderabad !!! Was the American president's daughter set up?

Hyderabad November 25 ( is the daughter of the President of the United States. Even if you look at it, the American president is far more likely than that. Now she is visiting the city of Ivanca. The trump can not understand why the daughter is coming. But that does not happen in Hyderabad, the suspicion of an international merchandise or a daughter of the American president. Some people say that the trump's daughter is doing something for the meeting. If that's the case, there is a huge amount of sanctions. These are greatly located in the ambience of the Westin hotel. Police are in barrage restrictions at the Falak Numa Palace, where Madan is staying at her dinner. The officers who have already closed their small businesses near the Westin Hotel are putting more restrictions on the surrounding areas. In addition to the Westminster neighborhoods of Khanamet and Ijazt Nagar, small businessmen were also ordered to close the convention three days. Those living in the house could come out of the house, but to go into the house, the conditional indication of the identity card. There are business complexes on both sides of the road leading through the convention of the HIC. The Madapur police have ordered the closure of the convention for three days. From both the Hitex Commune to the Nak Gate, the two sides ranging from Cyber ​​Towers to New Gudhun Junction. From the New Guddu to Gachibowli Outer Junction, small hotels on both sides .. Pan Shops .. Fruit shops .. Mechanic shops were removed. Roads are closed down. Ishrat Nagar .. The police are going to pass the passengers in the Ianjat Nagar whiker sections of Khanamatte. Only those vehicles are allowed to come from Hi-tex Kamman. It's not a tour. But the traffic restrictions are on the backdrop of security gestures that make me feel like coming back to Hyderabad city. The locals are embarrassing over the huge security arrangements. How much restrictions do we put on us if the trump is a daughter? The anger is expressed in a number of people.
Ivanca Trump Hyderabad tourism has come up with a lot of interesting things. Though she has another three days to visit, the news is turning around Ivanca. More recently, she came up with another interesting news on Hyderabad tour. Hyderabad is coming to Hyderabad as part of GCE.
Ivanca trump is going to be made specially for the President of the United States. The famous General Motors company will visit Ewenka only in the Limogene vehicles manufactured specifically for the American president's family. This car is a nickname for strong security. Landmines - Not only rocket launchers - all kinds of amenities to protect rocket launchers - from biological-chemical attacks. During the Ivanca tour, US officials, who are making three of these vehicles, are going to use all the events participating in Ivanca Hyderabad. On the other hand, we are also taking care of food and food. Already 100 employees from Mumbai-Delhi and Chennai US Embassies in the country have already arrived in Hyderabad to make necessary arrangements for Ivanca. There are more than 20 cooks in the group. Apart from the dinner offered by the state government, Ivankka seems to have taken the food to prepare them. Westeran hotel staff details have been collected by officers. She is allowed to all those who are participating in duty while giving them special identity cards. In the course of the ewenka city tours, there are also tight security arrangements. Inspections were also conducted at the shopping shop at the shop. The bangles here - the ingredients used for their manufacture - where they were made, seemed to be satisfied. On the other hand, special drones - surveillance cameras have been set up to keep track of all the surrounding areas - continuous surveillance.
Hajmat is a highly automated vehicle for Iwana
 If the chemical attack happened, then ... virus - said that somebody can face the attack with toxic chemicals. The Telangana government is making arrangements to face such attacks. Hajmat is a highly automated vehicle. The Hajmat vehicle which is not used by any state in the country is going to be utilized at the GES Conference. Explosives - Toxic-chemical weapons are dangerous bacteria - not only detects viruses ... they can easily dispose of these Hajjat. The Fire Department has acquired 5 crores. In 2009, Hajmat was the first to make it in the GKS. The most dangerous bacteria - viruses - detect and weaken the toxic chemicals. Hajamat has the latest in chemical-biological-radioactive-nuclear divisions in the vehicle. Each person has four staff members. Exactly.

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