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Ajith is another movie .

Chennai November 24, ( film has some convictions for the release and release of their movie. There are some beliefs in the film name too. Not even in Tollywood, there are also beliefs in Kollywood. Normally we think V is Victory. But the names of Kollywood star crazy star Ajith are also beginning with the letter V. Ajith has no sentiments to his producers. Vellan .. Veeran .. Veeram .. Vedham and Vivekan films have provided super success to Ajit. The V-sentiment was created. In this manner, director Shiva is going to have a movie titled Vishwasam with the title. The film will be produced by Vivek producers. Regular shooting will start from 2018. Veeram, Vedagam and Vivekan photos of Shiva-Ajith combination.

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